1. Accurate diagnosis of your child's degree of hearing loss is essential. Our clinicians are all skilled in providing diagnostic testing specific to the pediatric population. We provide auditory brainstem response testing and behavioral evaluations for children birth to age 18.
  2. We dispense and fit advanced digital hearing aids. A trial period with advanced technology is critical to the development of spoken language. It is our job to ensure that your child's lack of benefit from the hearing aid is real – not secondary to an inappropriate fit.
  3. Free loaner hearing aids are available for newly diagnosed children who are likely to be cochlear implant candidates.
  4. Our pediatric cochlear implant audiologists do specialized testing to determine the degree to which your child receives useful information about spoken language from hearing aids.
  5. We determine if an implant in one or both ears would be best for your child.
  6. We provide parents with realistic expectations based upon his or her unique history.
  7. We work closely with your child's speech therapist whether it be at our clinic; at your school; or at a private practice.
  8. We provide parents with unbiased information about communication options. (link to Communication Options Page)
  9. We have experience in the evaluation of deaf children with complex medical conditions, such as those with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (link to Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder Page), deafness secondary to meningitis, and those with malformed inner ears and other challenging anatomy.


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