Joel Yau - San Rafael, CA

2014 LINN Featured Artist

In 1996, Joel Yau discovered street painting at the San Rafael Italian Street Painting Festival and has returned to perform this ephemeral art year after year at this event and many others around the world. Learn more...



Angel Albarran - Houston, TX

Angel Albarran recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. The most rewarding thing for him as a designer is working with clients and helping their visions come to life.

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Lily Alonso - Houston, TX

With the advice from her high school art teacher, Cavan Leerkamp, Lily Alonso has participated in Via Colori for the past seven years. Lily works as a librarian at the Pasadena Public Library Children’s Department while also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in art at UH-Clear Lake.

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Alex Alvarez - Houston, TX

Alex is a recent graduate from The Art Institute of Houston - North. Visit http://lex-a-lot.tumblr.com to see more artwork by Alex! 

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Maria Alvarez Elam - Stafford, TX

Maria Alvarez Elam was born in El Salvador and moved to the United States at a young 18 months old. For her entire life, art has been somewhat of a release from the daily stresses. She says, “It helps me grow and heal. My passion for chalking was spurred by my son asking me to draw him dragons and dinosaurs with sidewalk chalk. I realized I loved the medium, then I was introduced to Via Colori and was in awe. I do it for my kids and the love of art.”




Alba Amezcua- Nuevo Leon, Mexico 

AMEZCUA ALBA was born in Navojoa, Sonora in 1973. In 1995 Alba began studies in art at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda", National Arts Centre, Mexico City. Later, Alba continued her artistic training and attending self-taught courses and workshops in art photography, drawing the human body, with dry drawing techniques, color theory and sculpture. She has won numerous accolades and special honors, includng the following: in 2009, a Certificate of Recognition from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; in 2012s Special Invite to International Street Painting Festival, Touloun France and the academic title of Honorary Member of the European Academy; in 2012, Special Guest of the Festival Bella Via 2012 in Monterrey, NL; and in 2013, Special Guest of the Festival Bella Via 2013 in Monterrey, NL.




Shawn Artis - Houston, TX

Shawn Artis is a local artist who has participated with Via Colori since 2011. In 2013 he was selected as one of Via Colori Houston’s featured artists! He can be seen creating live works of art at various venues throughout the city. 

His prolific artwork has quickly established him as an emerging...

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Lysa Ashley - Inland Empire, CA

Lysa Ashley is a teacher and self-taught artist from the Inland Empire in California. She started her street painting career fifteen years ago at the I Madonnari street painting festival in Santa Barbara, California.Learn more... 



Edgar Bustillos - Houston, TX

Edgar was born in El Paso yards away from the Rio Grande River that splits two countries apart. The physical division is clear while the cultural separation is not. That same incongruity lives in his art, feeling part of something while being an outsider. During his youth he had the opportunity to live in many different areas in Mexico, Central America and The United States. After high school he continued to move around in different parts of the United States and traveling abroad. Each location offered a new outlook of the world that he tries to implement in his art.
Education has always been important in his life. He has always made an effort to learn as much as he can about as many things as possible. It is important to be well rounded for all the challenges life brings you. His education outside the classroom has been extremely important in molding him along with a formal education. Currently he is an Elementary Physical Education teacher who always gets a new perspective through the eyes of his students.



Mario Belmares - Blue Moon Guest 3D Artist

Born in Linares, Nuevo Leon in 1967, Mario graduated from the School of Visual Arts, UANL in Monterrey, Mexico where he learned the different techniques of painting, engraving, screen printing, sculpture and mixed media.To this date, he has had 4 individual exhibitions and 13 group exhbitions. In 2004, he started venturing into Madonnaro, also called Street Art Painting. He has, so far, participated in over 30 festivals of this kind, proudly representing Linares in national and worldwide events in the United States and some European countries, such as Germany , France and Italy.

His works explore a fun, new way to see art. Mario is currently doing 3D interactive murals, where the viewer is integrated into the art. He recently won First Place in the category of 3D in the Monterrey Festival Bella Via 2014!

"As a kid , I drew doodles dreaming imaginary worlds that delighted my soul. Now I paint forms that have fulfilled my dreams and continue delighting my soul but also the soul of the person who appreciates them". 




Jessica Bennett Vandervoort - Houston, TX

Born and raised in Northeast Louisiana, artist Jessica Vandervoort exhibited a talent for the arts since she could pick up a crayon without trying to eat it, winning multiple awards and receiving recognition as a talented artist from kindergarten to senior year in high school. In 2001, Jessica moved to Houston, Texas where she attended the Art...

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Vonetta Berry - Houston, TX

I am a visual artist whose chosen media is to paint images directly onto models’ skin, through bodypainting.  My work attempts to explore the relationships and interdependence of people with one another.  It is my intention to use the skin canvas to convey the inherent oneness of humankind and engage the viewer to become more connected to them and consequently to each other.



Urecca Boror - Houston, TX

"I am an upcycle artist and painter, crafter from New Jersey. I lived in Arizona for 16 years doing art. I went to NSIFA for two years and I have been making art out of everything for over 30 years."




Theresa Burgess - Houston, TX

Theresa Burgess is a local Houston artist as well a Cypress Fairbanks Art Teacher. This is her 5th year participating in Via Colori Street Art Festival. For the last four years...

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Dana Caldera - Houston, TX

Since graduating from Rice University, Caldera has worked as an engineer and artist. She finally made the jump to working in the art world full time...

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Jacky Cardenas - Pasadena, TX

Jacky has been a part of Via Colori Houston since it started. While she is currently studying Visual Arts at The University of Texas, she hopes to come back to her hometown of Houston to teach middle school art. She greatly enjoys creating children illustrations and sculptures that mimic children’s ideology. 

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Craig Carter - Houston, TX

Craig Carter (Craig C. Tha Artist) is a visual artist from Houston, TX who has participated in many successful art exhibits as well as Via Colori 2013. His art style has been called Urban Abstract with the use of vivid colors and bold lines, as he works with mixed mediums on different types of surfaces.

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Luis Castillo - Houston, TX

Luis Castillo is currently studying art at Lone Star College. This is his second year at Houston Via Colori. He looks forward to helping such a great cause and looks forward to meeting other great artists.







Ted Castillo - Houston, TX

Centuries later, this Van Gogh recreation was a huge hit. We're so excited to see what Ted has up his sleeve when he returns this year!

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joie Chandler - Houston, TX

joie Chandler is the founder and director of Backyard Moonshine Art Collective, a local arts-based service organization. She has been a working artist for over 15 years, specializing in portraiture and oils. While still an undergraduate student at the University of St. Thomas, joie did an in-residence apprenticeship with Houston master painter,...

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ARTIST TEAM - Helena Reneè Guzmàn Chàvarri and Jesus Roberto Carrival -  Nuevo Leon, Mexico


More information coming soon!




Claudia Colmenares - Houston, TX

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Claudia has been a part of Via Colori since 2008. What she loves most about the festival is the way people are amazed by and appreciate everyone's artwork. She loves turning her photographs into street art and especially enjoys how the bright colors of the chalk make her artwork so fun and vibrant!





Tien Dang - Houston, TX

Tien Dang attends the University of Houston and is studying art, while also working at HEB as a cake decorator. Tien’s vision and hope is that through exploring art, that others will also explore art and that the Lord will use it to move in their lives to bring them closer to Jesus.





Henry Darnell - Dallas, TX

A professional artist working in visual effects and animated films for over 25 years, Henry Darnell has created miniatures, puppets and props for film, television, theme parks and live performances. Learn more...





Mariah Ellingwood - Houston, TX

Mariah Ellingwood is the Artist in Residence at KIPP Generations Collegiate. She majored in studio art with a focus in ceramics and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana in 2010. Mariah has participated in the Spring Arts Market in Friendswood, and volunteered with the Kippsters’ face-painting booth at the 2013 Houston Via Colori. She loves the street painting process, and will be teaching her student apprentices at this years’ Houston Via Colori.






Daniel Elliott - Houston, TX




Cathy Espinosa Payne - Houston, TX

Cathy Espinosa Payne is a native Houstonian working in a variety of different media with her primary focus on acrylics. She is a self taught artist who recently began her art training at the Glassell School of Art - MFAH. Caught between the two worlds of abstract expressionism and realism, she strives to capture an emotion, expression or spirit of...

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Diane Fifer - Houston, TX

Diane Fifer is a professional artist and is the Owner/President of Art Dwellers. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Commerce from the University of Calgary, Canada, and is certified as an Art Teacher. Over the past 15 years she has taught art in a full and part time capacity. 

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Crystal Fiocchi - Houston, TX

Crystal Fiocchi is from Abilene, Texas and received a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design and illustration from Abilene Christian University.  She has illustrated three children's books and several book covers. Fiocchi has taught art in Spring Branch ISD at Spring Woods High School for the last nine years. 

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Tessa Fuqua - Houston, TX

Equally right-brained and left-brained, Tessa has been a lawyer, teacher, and radio show host as well as living a creative life.   She believes that life is to be lived fully and embraces new opportunities to express and create.  Tessa creates visual art ranging from painting and sketches to large street art and murals.  

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Lizette Galvan - 2011 Fan Favorite

Lizette is returning to the festival this year and we're looking forward to seeing what she whips up.

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Lluvia Galvan - Houston, TX

Originally from Mexico now residing in Pasadena, Lluvia has a passion for art that is the driving force Behind her creative abilities with pencil and paper. “I love working with this type of media in particular, drawing portraits, it’s my favorite,” she says. Lluvia is also very talented with oil and canvas, as some of her work has shown. She looks forward to working and collaborating with Houston Via Colori! She says, “I am excited about the upcoming Houston Via Colori Festival and feel fortunate to be a part of this endeavor.”





Ever Galvez - Los Angeles, CA

Ever Galvez graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a dual concentration in Traditional Animation and Illustration in 2009. He began developing art skills at a early age showing interest in drawing, painting and sculpture. Learn more...




Sean Gilpatrick - Houston, TX

Sean Michael Gilpatrick is from Edinburg, Texas, where he’s currently studying at the University of Texas – Pan American. Through the years, he’s enjoyed drawing characters from cartoons, especially his favorite superhero Spiderman. He’s most recently begun creating chalk art at local parks and looks forward to participating in Houston Via Colori.




Camilo Gonzalez - Houston, TX

Camilo Gonzalez works in Houston as an artist, educator and arts administrator of various mediums and practices. He has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in in Photography and Digital Media from the University of Houston...

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Etta Harris - Houston, TX

Etta Harris was born in Seoul, South Korea to a Korean mother and an African American father. As a child of a military family, Etta learned how to embrace and celebrate various cultures...

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Sonya Hill - Houston, TX

Sonya R. Hill has lived in Houston for 36 years. She is originally from Lawton/Ft Sill. She has been married for 34 years and has two kids and three grand-angels. She loves portraits, doing oil pastels, but also loves black and white...

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 Anna Intyrath - Houston, TX

My name is Anna Intyrath. I am a local Houstonian - born and raised. I was introduced to Via Colori in 2009 as a few friends were participating in it. I loved it so much I decided to join in 2010. I skipped 2011 as I moved to Korea but came back strong in 2012. I have been participating every year since then and hope to continue for many more years. Via Colori's goal is very important to the kids at CHS and I would like to help them achieve their goal.



Allison Kellogg - Houston, TX

Allison is a native Houstonian who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin. Allison has worked at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in some capacity since 1994 and has a passion for educating Houston's kids about science and the world around us. Allison has been volunteering as an artist for Via Colori since the the first year CHS brought the event to Houston and looks forward to it each year! 



Cynthia Kostylo - Bonsall, CA

Cynthia has been an artist from the beginning. As a child, she would draw Disney characters, cartoon characters, fashion models, or horses. In school, she was always the person chosen to make decorations for a school dance or to design the poster for a special event. In high school, she drew the cover of Elton John's Yellow Brick Road album on her entire bedroom wall using soft pastels. Years later, she discovered the art of madonarri, which uses the same soft pastels she used on her bedroom wall but in the streets. She has been an avid Madonarri ever since.

Cynthia gravitates towards doing portraits, especially those depicting the world's people. Because she likes to think of all people being multicolored, she uses a prism of colors in all her portraits. No two are the same, and not one of them has a "typical skin tone". She draws inspiration from American artist Stephen Bennet and has replicated some of his work at festivals. She later moved on to simply collecting photos that capture her attention and recreating the faces as she sees them, using a variety of hues.



Cecilia Linayao -San Diego, CA





Anu and Ajay Madgavkar - Katy, TX

Anu and Ajay are a husband and wife artist team. Anu is a very amateur artist and very much self-taught.  She has always loved watercolors for the delicacy and transparency of the medium.  She particularly loves pictures of sand and sea.  Participating in the Via Colori festival is something the two look forward to every year!

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David Maldonado - Houston, TX

David Maldonado was born in Monclova, Mexico and raised in Pasadena, Texas. He enjoys drawing, painting, singing and playing several instruments. David has participated in Via Colori since 2010 with his high school art teacher Cavan Leerkamp. He likes to work with a variety of medias and different themes. David has recently been heavily inspired by nature, human anatomy and symbolism and has been trying to do more painting overall. 



Jolene Martin - Houston, TX

Jolene Martin has lived in the Houston area for 4 years. She was born and raised along the shores of Lake Erie in Western New York.  She attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and studied Art Education.  After leaving college, Jolene apprenticed under Jeremy Stine of Flesh & Blood Tattoo in Linesville, PA and began a career in...

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Jackie Martinez - Houston, TX

Jackie Martinez has been a Via Colori artist since the 2nd Houston Via Colori. After studying art at the University of Houston, Jackie went on to be the featured artist at the Crazy Water Festival for the past four years. Currently, Jackie is the Marketing Team Leader at the Sugar Land Whole Foods Market, where she supervises a team of graphic artists and handles the community outreach, charitable giving and social media for the festival.





Ruben Martinez Arriaga - Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Ruben is an architect by trade and became a chalk artist in 2004.  Ruben entered the world of street painting when the festivals first came to Mexico, which was Festival Bella Via.  In 2008, Ruben won the title of Madonnaro Qualificati at this prestigious festival. Learn more...





Michelle Medellin - Houston, TX

I've been doing via colori for six years now not including this coming year. And it started with my art teacher introducing us to new things such as via colori, the art museums, and I also participated in art car for 2 years. Before that I had never left pasadena, but all that I can thank him for. 

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Brenda Melgar - Houston, TX

Brenda Melgar is a native Houstonian who learned her way around an art studio from a very young age. What began as an interest in art flourished as Brenda took art courses...

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Suzette Murillo - Houston, TX

"As a new resident, I'm excited to explore Houston's art scene and become a part of the local artists".



Lorra Lee Murphy - Houston, TX

Not only is Lorra Lee a 6th year Via Colori Artist veteran, she is also a US Air Force veteran. She has a Bachelor's of Art from University of Houston. She paints, draws, & sculpts. Her favorite mediums are ceramics, acrylics, and charcoal/pastels. 



Esteban Nasukowicz - Houston, TX

Esteban joined Via Colori Houston in 2013.



Jane Nghiem - Houston, TX

Jane Nghiem is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Graphic Communications and a minor in Graphic Technology in 2010...

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Melanie and Shawn O'Neill- 2011 Fan Favorites

2011 Fan Favorites, Melanie and Shawn have been crafting colorful pieces together at Via Colori Houston since 2010. The husband-and-wife duo are both graphic designers...

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Jessica Perry - Houston, TX

Jessica has been painting & doing photography for ten years and has been with Via Colori since 2010. Jessica paints & shoots concepts from simple things that catch her eye and she showcases her work in different galleries across Houston. According to Jessica, "creating soothes the soul." 

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Armando Patricio - Houston, TX




Chelsea Serrano-Piche - Houston, TX

Chelsea is a Project Architect for Powers Brown Architecture based here in Houston, Texas. Although she did not start drawing until her senior year of high school, her favorite media quickly became prisma pencil and watercolor. In terms of favorite subjects to illustrate, photorealism is her style, but not her limit. Subjects have ranged from still life and flowers to landscapes to Marvin the Martian.





 Cesar Polock - Nuevo Leon, Mexico

More information coming soon!





Gabby Ramirez - Houston, TX

Gabby Ramirez is 22- years-old and is graduating from the Art Institute of Houston this June with a Bachelor’s in Media Arts and Animation. She loves movies and cartoons and is obsessed with Harry Potter and anything sci-fi. Her goal in life is to be a Disney Animator.

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Miranda Reynolds- Fredericksburg, VA

Via Colori Fredericksburg Artist Chair and artist for the past five years, Mirinda comes to Houston for the third year as a visiting streetpainter. She recently completed her second 40-foot city mural in downtown Fredericksburg and embraces the concept of public art of all kinds. A member of Art First Gallery, she will be presenting a TEDx talk on her Downtown Mural Project on November 15, 2014. mirindareynolds.com



Leslie Rhoades - Houston, TX

 I am a Houston artist and an art teacher at C.E.King High School.  My specialty is painting, primarily oil and watercolor.  My work ranges from realism to surrealism to abstract. Most often I combine various imagery from nature and science to create my own type of "cosmic surrealism". Through my art, I wish to reference patterns of growth, time, and traces of common origins within all existing things.




TEAM RINCON- Raúl Antonio Rincón Gallardo Domenzain and Cassandra Rincon Gallardo- Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Raúl Rincón Gallardo is a professional visual artist; an international awarded street painter; muralist and architect. Born in Mexico City and raised in an international context focused on the art; he is a member of the pattern of fine artists of CONARTE, and has worked in recent years in Monterrey City, Nuevo León. Learn more...





Adriana Rodriguez - Houston, TX

Adriana is a follower of God.  She has a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Houston. It wasn't until she moved to Houston from Monterrey, Mexico in 1991...

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Julio Rodriguez - Houston, TX

We're so happy to have this amazing tattooist and artist back at Via Colori again for 2012!

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Sandra Ruiz - Houston, TX

Sandra (aka: Queen Hilene) started her passion for oil painting with abstract woman figures in 2001...    

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TEAM RUSSKELL - Russ Gobel & Kelly Faltermäyer - 2011 Fan Favorite Winners.

Russ Gobel & Kelly Faltermäyer have been creating art for the Via Colori Festival since it's inception in 2006. 

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David Rychlik - Stafford, TX

David Rychlik, a Houston native, has a passion for art that began early in his childhood. With roots based in graffiti, he’s been heavily influenced by the works of Basquiat, Pollock, and Bob Ross. He enjoys working with different mediums including oil, acrylic, ink, watercolor, spray paint and chalk.

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Philip Sanchez - Houston, TX

My name is Phillip E Sanchez. I'm from Houston. I have participated in Via Colori since its inception. I was signed up when I was in college at the University of Houston and have continued to sign up ever since. I am currently an Art Teacher in Pasadena. Here are my past 5 years of work. Last year's was really great.

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Holly Schineller - Tempe, AZ

Holly Schineller, a resident of Tempe, Arizona, attended both the California College of Art and Arizona State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Art is her means of expressing the inspiration she finds in nature, the sciences and mathematics. Learn more...




 Doria Shore - Houston, TX


As Creative Director and Partner of Tidal Shore Art Services I am a professional conceptualizer. I try to be strategic about technology, art and communication with the goal of getting to the honest message. We are building a community in Houston by encouraging people to participate and engage in conversation through art. I started Red Publication in 2001, a progressive community centered publication focused on local creative culture. I like color, and enjoy experiencing young people's artistic creations. They are often the most sincere and honest. Communication, art and advertising are most effective when they tell the most truth.

Art is the best vehicle for mental exploration and connection to the world around us.



Salvador Silvan - Houston, TX

Salvador Silvan had participated in Via Colori for six years now. He is a chef by trade and an artist in his heart. He enjoys all things Bob Marley, from listening to his music to drawing his picture; He even named his daughter Marleigh.  He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family. 



Lezlie Silverstein - Houston, TX

"I am excited about the Via Colori Festival! It looks like it will be a lot of fun!"



Donna Singer - Houston, TX


The best part of participating in this event is knowing the funds raised are going to a great cause. Having dealt with hearing issues myself in my youth, I have an appreciation for what CH&S is accomplishing.  Producing the art, as well as seeing and hearing the excitement in the faces and voices of the children and adults as they watch the single line sketch to come to life in the finished artwork really makes my day.  It's very rewarding to participate in the event. 

So while my background is in Architecture, my first love has always been graphic arts. This event gives me the opportunity to be less technical & more expressive, creative & colorful - all the while just having fun.



Caleb Smith - Houston, TX

Caleb Smith has lived in Houston since 2009, but grew up amongst the cattle and oil wells of Kurten, Texas. “It was there that I would see my brother, sister, or mother making magic with a pen on paper, or even sculpting in toy-putty. Making things and being in nature are the same experientially for me, since they both allow me to access real liberty and wonder."

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Rose Sprott-Swain - Houston, TX

Rose Swain has been a participant since the first Via Colori festival & the only rules for her pieces are: No blacks, browns, or white. She likes the use of vivid color to reach the spirit.

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Nida Syed - Houston, TX

Nida Syed is an animator and illustrator that studied at the Art Institute of Houston- North. She has been interested in art ever since she can remember...

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Sylvia Sykula-Haplin - Lago Vista, TX

Sylvia Sykula has been a participating artist for Via Colori since 2008. Her colorful Celtic art stems from her obsession with symmetry and repeating shapes... 

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Rebekah Tee - 2010 Fan Favorite

Rebekah Tee's art is obviously incredible - but her generous support and attitude about the festival and CHS is what makes her one of our favorite artists!



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Alberto Viloria Olvera - Nuevo Leon, Mexico

More information coming soon!




Kristen Waitchies, Lyndia May, Jorge Munguia and Albert Mesa - 2012 a 

Kristen Waitchies, Lyndi May, Jorge Munguia and Albert Mesa are a dynamic team of graphic designers who come together each year and participate in Via Colori. They each bring their own sense of creativity, style...

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Carol Wells - Houston, TX

"Carol worked for over twenty years in graphic arts and publishing before devoting full-time to pet portraits in 2000. Having to date painted over 1,500 dogs, cats, and horses in watercolor, she now divides her time among various media. Carol is thrilled to participate in Via Colori for her 5th consecutive year and we’re just as happy to have her!"




Juan Ybarra - Houston, TX

Juan Ybarra has been a tattooist for 8 years, has been drawing for 18 years, loves to experiment using different mediums, and fell in loving with painting 4 years ago. He enjoys painting and loves helping others with his talent!




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