artistpage.jpgArtists are the soul of Via Colori Houston, bringing vision, talent and inspiration to our streets. Over 250 artists transform the pavement of downtown Houston into eye-popping displays of color. Festival attendees watch live as artists bring their masterpieces to life, creating an outdoor museum before our eyes. Via Colori’s local and internationally-renowned artists gather together in the spirit of community and creativity to support the mission of The Center for Hearing and Speech. 

Please check back in the spring to apply to be an artist.

Have questions about being an artist? Read our Artist FAQ or contact Janine at


2017 Artist Information

We are excited to announce that this year’s festival theme is “70 Years in Color.” The Center for Hearing and Speech is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, so we encourage each artist to create their piece based on a specific year or decade within the past 70 years.

Examples of artwork concepts:

  • Portrait of a historical figure from 1950 till today
  • A historical event from 1950 till today
  • A landmark established between 1950 and today
  • Retro design or pattern


  • NO MORE THAN 3 ARTISTS PER TEAM FOR ALL SQUARE SIZES. No more than 3 artists on each team will receive a t-shirt, free festival entry, breakfast/lunches and program recognition. If you are a teacher artist and would like to have more than 3 student artists assist with your square, please contact Janine.
  • Artwork must be appropriate for public viewing and family friendly.
  • Artwork will avoid political statements.
  • Artwork will contain no words or symbols intended as advertising or promotion. Logos are acceptable when creating the sponsor's signage only.
  • Artwork may not violate any copyright laws.
  • Please add the year/decade that inspired your chalk art on your square.