Deadline for Apprendista artwork submission is Friday, October 11, 2013.
Submit entry to:
The Center for Hearing and Speech
3636 West Dallas St.
Houston, TX 77019


    1. How do I register my school or district?
      Please contact Erin Felton at to register.


    1. Are there requirements/deadlines for being an Apprendista artist?
      • One entry per school
      • There is no entry fee
      • Artwork must adhere to the following:
        a) Must be drawn using pastels (pencils, soft sticks, hard pastels and oil pastels)
        b) Art work must be square, 20” x 20” with no mat, frame, or border
        c) Must be a hand-done creation
        d) Each entry must be an original work and cannot violate U.S. Copyright Laws.
        e) A fully completed release form must be attached to each entry.
    2. Do the students have to submit their designs prior to the festival?
      Yes. Artwork must be submitted by Friday, October 11, 2013
    3. Is there an entry fee?


    1. Is there a waiting list?
      There is not waiting list however there is a limit on the number of schools that can participate.


    1. What about their art supplies?
      The festival will provide your chalk, lunch, water, sunscreen, gloves, baby wipes. You will also be receiving DELICIOUS food and DRINK coupons.


    1. How do they get to the event?
      Please see the maps section.


    1. Does the student need to be supervised?
      Yes, a teacher or parent must attend the event with the student.


    1. Where they check in?
      All Apprendista artists check in at the Artist Tent at the corner of Bagby and McKinney.


    1. How do they know where to find their square on the street?
      Apprendista is located on the end of McKinney St. near Smith St.  However, when the student and teacher check-in at the artist tent they will receive a map that directs them to their square. We also have volunteers that are there to assist the students.
    2. Where do they park?
      All artists will receive parking instructions one week prior to the festival.


    1. What happens if it rains?
      Via Colori will take place sprinkle or shine, but if severe weather is expected both days then the festival will be moved to an alternate location.  If precipitation is expected only one day of the festival then Via Colori will proceed as planned (we know from experience that we can still have a great one-day event).   Please check back the day before the event to view the latest updates or call 713-523-3633. 


    1. Can I students work on their square with a friends or a group?
      There will be one officially recognized student from each school. If the Apprendista would like, one friend may assist them. Please notify Erin Felton if this is to occur.


    1. How old do the students have to be to participate?
      To participate in Apprendista you must be attending a high school in the Greater Houston area and be under the age of 18.


  1. May they attend the Artist Reception?
    They may attend the artist reception along with their parent and/or teacher. Please note space is limited.