Vera Bugatti – Concesio, Italy

Vera Bugatti (1979) is an Italian Artist and Street painter. She got a Liberal-Arts degree and she researched on XVI century editions so in everyday life she is a Librarian too. She took part in various exhibitions and she performed in several Street Art events all over the world winning awards in Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, Ireland, Croatia, Austria, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Bosnia and Erzegovina, USA and Mexico. Vera was one of the 13 international artists chosen to collaborate with master Kurt Wenner at Sarasota Chalk Festival (USA 2012) to create a large 3D masterpiece. Her chalk work is also featured in the books A Sidewalk Canvas by Julie Kirk Purcell in London 2011 and Street Art by Russ Thorne. Since she considers street-painting as a part of her artistic path she tried to find every time new subjects and more different suggestions to have a dialogue with, working with several techniques, ranging from chalk and paints to wire, electric elements and nails. (For further info and exhibitions:


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