Early Intervention is Key! 

Jumpstart to Listening

Through our Jumpstart to Listening program, we offer loaner hearing aids with advanced technologies to newly diagnosed children who are likely to be cochlear implant candidates.


Auditory-Verbal Therapy & Aural Rehabilitation is Vital to the Success with CIs

Rehabilitation is as essential to the success with a cochlear implant as the surgery and CI mapping.  Our team consists of well-trained and highly experienced pediatric audiologists, speech-language pathologists and Auditory Verbal therapists who collaborate to facilitate the child’s development of auditory skills, spoken language, and educational achievement. 

In addition to providing cochlear implant mapping, Auditory-Verbal therapy and aural (re)habilitation the professionals on our team communicate directly in reviewing a child’s progress and programming needs.  We collaborate with parents and school personnel to provide direct classroom observation of children in the school setting. 


Educational Support

Collaboration between the home school and the Center for Hearing and Speech ensures a unified effort to optimize the child’s listening and communication potential.

The Center partners with teachers and support personnel to provide an optimal listening environment, promote language growth, and maintain the function of the cochlear implant system.

The following support and trainings are available to school professionals

  • In-service instruction on technology for teachers and staff
  • Observations and recommendations for strategies to be used in the classroom and in therapy. 


Get more information our contact Leigh, our Educational Liaison.