Current research, along with first-hand experience, affirms that tele-intervention is an effective service model appropriate for a wide range of clients, including children with hearing impairments.Michael conduction teletherapy at The Center for Hearing and Speech Houston

Our goal is to increase availability of audiology, speech-language pathology and auditory based teaching services to hearing impaired children and specialists in accordance with all state and federal regulations.


    •    Extends our reach
    •    Increases productivity
    •    Reduces cost
    •    Reduces travel
    •    Maximizes resources
    •    Saves time
    •    Improved communication and collaboration between professionals

Alternative Approach:

    •    Efficient way to access specialists and interpreters
    •    Innovative training, observation, and consultation method

At The Center for Hearing and Speech, tele-intervention can be implemented in one of the following ways:

    •    Tele-audiology
    •    Speech Teletherapy
    •    Tele-tutoring
    •    Tele-consultation

Schools receiving Teletherapy benefits need to have:

    •    Students with hearing impairments who are fit with appropriate hearing prostheses and are learning to listen and speak.
    •    Quiet room with a telephone
    •    T-1 or faster internet connection
    •    Static IP address
    •    TV monitor, TV Cart, Tandberg edge 95MXP Base Model with Tandberg Precision HD Camera and table microphone or equivalent (ex. Polycom, Codec, etc.), table microphone
    •    A paraprofessional responsible for:
    •    Student’s attendance, equipment and behavior
    •    Preparation – obtaining materials, and connecting with the therapist

Families/clients receiving services in their home need to have:

    •    High chair or chair and a table (depending on the age)
    •    Quiet room with a computer, high definition web cam, and video-conferencing software such as Yahoo Messenger or Skype.
    •    Materials sent by the therapist or materials suggested by the therapist

Please contact us to obtain more information about starting tele-intervention with CHS!