Raúl Rincón Gallardo is a professional visual artist; an international awarded street painter; muralist and architect. Born in Mexico City and raised in an international context focused on the art; he is a member of the pattern of fine artists of CONARTE, and has worked in recent years in Monterrey City, Nuevo León

In 2008, Raúl began his street art career at the international street painting festival named Bella Vía, in which he won the title of Maddonaro Qualificati and took part of a team that traveled on 2011 to represent Mexico at th Toulon International Street Painting Festival. With that team he also traveled to France and the Concorso Internazionale di Nocera Superiore in Italy. Additionally, he won 3rd place at the XXXVIII Incontro Internacionale dei Madonnari de Grazie in Italy.

Raúl Rincón Gallardo is a recognized Mexican Artist that focus his efforts on transmitting his work through any visual medium and has shown his work at many expositions around Mexico, some of them for the Laureate international events and many individual exhibits. He received a degree in art history from the Scuola Toscana in Florence and a diploma in fresco painting. He is well known for his realistic and expressive paintings, but especially by the use of light and expertise in fabrics textures.

By now, Raúl is working on a new collection of paintings for a 2013 exposition, and getting prepared to attend his 3rd time in Houston at Via Colori.