For as long as she could remember, Rachel has always loved drawing. The first time she had an artistic thought was around 4 years old. She realized that the elephant she was drawing had two legs on one side and two on the other...not 4 legs all in a row! If she were to draw some lines in just the right place, the elephant would have proper was a moment of clarity-with her new masterpiece in one hand and blue Crayola in the other. This would became a part of her. 

Since then, even to this day, she has been developing her gift with hard work and practice. She studied design and art history at U of H for a few years and learned a lot, but decided that art would serve as more of a hobby. Rachel is a bit of a purist when it comes to art, so she's happiest with a pencil and paper. She also feels that art should be shared. She rarely starts a piece that ends up being hers. She's typically using her talents to bless others, which in turn gives her a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. This will be her first year participating in Via Colori and is very excited to share her work with the community, knowing that it all goes to such a good cause!