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Boz Droca – Houston, Texas

Boz Droca – Houston, Texas

Boz Droca is representational artist working in the tradition of the great naturalist masters of the 19th century. By painting directly from a nature Boz  is trying to capture realistic sense of light  and space, but for him is very important to evoke poetry in his art work.

    Over the years of his career Boz has combined innate creativity, academic training and influence of great artist from his Balkan roots (M.Corovic , M.Berber,B.Aleksic,M.Popovic)as well as west masters (A.G.Lopes,C.Bravo,R.akinstler.) to shape his own artistic language.

  He exhibited his works in "Gallery Central"(Arkansas),Segovia,Crown gallery,as well as Sherwood's and Hanson gallery (TX).

Boz is also known for his unique teaching style, based on his script "Power of observation" He has tutored painting classes and given demonstration to  various groups of students. Boz's work appeared in many magazines and publications in US and Europe. His paintings are in many private and corporate collections in Europe and United states as well as Japan and Australia. Recently one of Boz's paintings was included in geat art collection of HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Princess Katherine of Serbia.


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