Teacher-of-the-Year-Lindy-Douglas.jpgAll successful students will say that at least one great teacher has touched their lives. These wonderful individuals work tirelessly to help their students develop a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. Here at The Center for Hearing and Speech, great teachers are the norm. Each one of our educators displays caring, compassion and a real knack for reaching children with special challenges in communication. They all have a wonderful rapport with our students and love what they do each day. Simply said, teachers at the Melinda Webb School are dedicated.

This dedication is exemplified in Lindy Douglas, our 2011 – 2012 Teacher of the Year. With a Bachelor's of Science in Education (both of students with hearing impairment and students with mild to moderate disability) and a Master's of Education in Reading, Douglas infuses her educational background with natural patience, nurturing and understanding of each student's unique challenge. She was selected as Teacher of the Year by her peers at the Center, each of whom has a unique perspective on her performance. According to her colleagues, she is very deserving of this honored title.

"I'm honored to give this award to Lindy for her dedication and passion for teaching," said Pamela Black, Lead Teacher at the Melinda Webb School. "We're lucky to have her as part of our team."

Other team members agree. Both Samantha Rodriguez and Dana Sparks described Douglas as "sweet, kind and patient," with Rodriguez illustrating her demeanor as "like a Disney Princess."

Last year's Teacher of the Year Javiya Gray likened Douglas to a wonderful breeze blowing through the classroom daily, refreshing all she passes – both students and other staff of the Center.

"Ever since the day she started here, she has been a great addition to our section. Lindy displays such positivity and the kids adore her," said Gray. "We couldn't ask for a better Teacher of the Year. She's wonderful!"

Congratulations to Lindy Douglas for her Teacher of the Year designation – both the Center and students of the Melinda Webb School benefit greatly from her hard work, kindness and dedication.

-- Sara Gabbart, CHS Volunteer