Summer 2010 Development Intern

So many internships available to undergraduates today don't allow students to gain actual experience in the field. Maybe you get paid for your work, and perhaps you can observe your boss, but are you going to do much more than get coffee and make photocopies? My experience here at The Center for Hearing and Speech has been very different than this type of internship. In my three months here (I worked about 224 hours), I have created newsletters, assisted with a Public Relations television opportunity, taken hundreds of photos, updated social media sites, researched various media outlets, created panoramic photographs, shot and edited a 7 minute documentary, compressed that documentary to a 3 minute promo video, compiled contact lists, and helped with the rebranding of the annual fundraiser, Houston Via Colori. In addition, I've had the opportunity to write magazine articles, press releases, short news stories for newsletters, and letters to media contacts on behalf of a local television anchor. Because of this, my writing has improved, and I've learned more about the processes behind Public Relations and Marketing than I did in any of my Marketing or Advertising classes at school.

Besides this experience, working with the Development Team here at The Center for Hearing and Speech made my workdays fun. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, always available to answer my questions and help me with whatever I needed. Even those not in the Development Department helped me learn so much. And working for a nonprofit brings incredible job satisfaction, something I didn't anticipate when I applied for this internship. I know that all of the work I'm putting in – even if it's tedious or challenging – helps these kids. While I'm gaining experience, I'm also doing something for someone else. I have had so much fun working here, and I've learned so much – and it all benefits these kids.

Natalie Brown
Trinity University
Class of 2012