Teacher Appreciation week always invokes memories of our favorite teachers from the past, and how they have influenced and impacted our lives.  I wanted to share my thoughts about the Melinda Webb School Teachers.  Teachers in general need to have certain qualities, the first of which is patience.  Flexibility, humor, compassion, a wide variety of knowledge and a “non-squeamish stomach” are a few more to add to the long list.  MWS teachers exemplify all of these traits and many more.  I am proud to work with a team of individuals so loved by their students and parents, so respected by their colleagues, and so dedicated to giving all that they have to help each and every child that they teach.  I am honored to teach beside each one of them.  They are building the foundation that will support the childrens' education throughout their futures.  I am sure that our students will look back to these teachers and remember them as some of their favorites!

Pam Black
Lead Teacher