At CHS, our Listen Now, Hear Later program is dedicated to hearing loss prevention designed to educate families on how to protect their hearing. So we say listen to your buds! You and your family can sing and dance to music like nobody's watching with your ear buds and iPods, but let's work together to provide education about safe listening levels.

Here are some simple tips:
Keep it low: Apple offers a public website to check appropriate volume limits for you and your children.
Limit listening time: Make sure your family has quiet "listening breaks."
Talk to your kids: Discuss and model safe listening habits for the whole family.
Safer types of headphones: Noise-canceling and sound-isolating headphones help block out ambient and backgroudn noise.
For more information and some useful, fun tools on this national program, visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Asssociation (ASHA) website!