It is that time of year again, traveling season, when I find myself living out of my suitcase. Normally my biggest concern when preparing for a trip is to make sure I don't over pack, because I always seem to do that. But for families with a child who has cochlear implants, like those The Center for Hearing and Speech serve, traveling during the holiday season takes much more planning.

While browsing the world wide web recently I happened to stumble upon these handy travel tips to aid those with children who have cochlear implants. The great people at Cochlear Americas have created this helpful list to make preparation for your holiday vacation stressfree, well less stressful.

I hope you have a great holiday season and safe travels. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 713-523-3633 or e-mail us at

Happy traveling!
Ramsay M. McCoy
Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator


Travel Tips, Airport Security

Traveling with a cochlear implant is easy, but its important to plan ahead. Make sure you know where you can go for help. Before you leave, visit Find a Clinic.

Also, ask your audiologist for a paper copy of your current MAP(s). Make sure to bring the copy on your trip. If for some reason your implant needs to be programmed while you’re away, just visit, or call a Nucleus clinic with your MAP copy in hand. If you don’t have a copy with you, don’t worry. The clinic can still program the implant or receive your maps via computers from your clinic.

Use the selections below to learn how you can travel with confidence.

  • Traveling by Air - Thousands of cochlear implant recipients often travel by plane without any problems.
  • Traveling by Car - Long car trips can be fun, but the listening conditions and finding good microphone placement may be a challenge.
  • What to pack - The most important things to pack are items that will help protect your processor from getting wet. The Nucleus Freedom speech processor is sweat and splash resistant, however, other Nucleus speech processors may become damaged from moisture or perspiration.

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