Finding a good book isn’t always easy and then finding the right book to read and share with your hearing-impaired child may seem like quite the daunting task.  The Center for Hearing and Speech librarian has put together a list of suggested reading materials for parents and children. If you haven’t read these books already be sure to stop by the library and check them out!

For parents:

Baby Talk: Helping Your Hearing-Impaired Baby Listen and Talk by Victoria J. Kozak and Betsey Moog Brooks.  2001.
This easy-to-understand manual for parents of children with hearing loss will answer many of their questions and give help and hope on the journey toward communication with their child. (

BEGINNINGS: Parent Manual.  2007.
This resource guide is designed to provide parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to make good and confident choices for themselves and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Published by a private, nonprofit agency that offers free services to parents. (

If a Tree Falls: A Family's Quest to Hear and Be Heard by Jennifer Rosner.  2010.
The author shares her family's hidden history of deafness and the difficult decisions she and her husband made after both their daughters were born deaf.

Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children: A Treasury of Fun Activities toward Better Behavior by Daria Medwid and Denise Chapman Weston.  1997.
This step-by-step guide offers hundreds of ideas and parenting techniques that work with deaf or hard-of-hearing children to enhance communication, solve problems, and strengthen relationships in skillful, fun ways.

For children:

“Hear” Is Veronica: a Book about Cochlear Implants by Annette Schroeder.  2007.
Illustrations and simple text help explain how a cochlear implant works and how important this technology is for many people (

I’m the Boss of My Hearing Loss by Amy Kroll.  2004.
A handbook for children with hearing loss and their parents, it shows kids how to manage challenging listening situations and also teaches important concepts about hearing loss. (

My Cochlear Implant and Me at School  by Dianna Lindholm, et al.  2007.
With photographs and simple text, this book is designed to provide preschool and early elementary students with a basic understanding of children who have cochlear implants as they make the transition from specialized programs to community schools.   (

Oliver Gets Hearing Aids by Maureen Cassidy Riski.  2001
This picture book will help parents, teachers, children with hearing loss, and their peers, develop awareness and understanding of the process of hearing evaluation and habilitation. (