To show how much we value the work of our volunteers, The Center for Hearing and Speech team has launched a Volunteer of the Year Award. While many volunteers supported us in numerous ways last year, we felt compelled to give special recognition to a volunteer who provided extraordinary service to the Center. In choosing the Volunteer of the Year, we considered quality, character and length of service along with that special enthusiasm dedicated volunteers posses.

We were privileged to give our first Volunteer of the Year Award to Diane Salmond. Diane has donated over 100 hours of her time in many areas —the school, development, administration, and with the Via Colori festival.  Diane’s commitment to volunteerism has only grown stronger and inspires both the volunteers and staff.  Congratulations and many thanks for all your efforts Diane!

Here at the Center, we have been very fortunate to have such passionate volunteers. Our embrace of volunteerism has been wildly successful the last five years: over 903 volunteers in 2010 compared with 237 in 2005.  Now that we have a more formalized volunteer program and since Via Colori started in 2006, many people contact us about lending a hand. Via Colori has generated an enormous awareness for the Center and people love supporting us at this fun event.

But, who’s counting?  What’s really important is the experience that volunteers have.  And even more important is the impact that they have on the Center and the lives of our clients.  Just watch the YouTube video that features IBC Bank spreading holiday cheer to our students to get a sense of the impact.

We all know that volunteering feels good. Helping others develops character, encourages leadership, and provides an experience that can help you feel more fulfilled, happy, and productive. You too can make a difference in our community! Click here.

~Katharine B. Schaafs, Outreach Manager