Natalia Rodriguez – Houston, Texas

Natalia is a native Houstonian.  She participated in Via Colori her senior year of high school and very much enjoyed the entirety of the idea of such a festival.She is an art enthusiast that uses every free moment from her busy student life, to venture out to art galleries, register in art classes and workshops, and create art in some form. Upon graduating high school, Natalia moved to San Francisco to attend college and unfortunately was unable to participate in this festival for two years. “However, I have happily returned to Houston to continue my studies at the University of Houston where I am pursuing Chemistry and Visual Arts.”  Natalie adds, “I am very excited and eager to once again be part of the Via Colori experience. I think that The Center for Hearing and Speech is a model to many others, and it is events like this that help set it apart. There's no better way to enjoy art than to share it with others. I can’t wait to be involved once again, to share my passion in the arts and to fundraise and raise awareness for all that The Center for Hearing and Speech does for our community.”


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