The Melinda Webb School (MWS) individualizes our programs to best suit the needs of each child with hearing loss. Our daily curriculum includes: auditory training, language development, speech and academic sessions.

 Myra Reading


Auditory Training

We utilize strategies and tools including: the Auditory Learning Guide, SPICE Kit, DASL-111, and Jump-Start as well as techniques gathered from Oral Deaf Education resources.


Language Development

Our staff creates baseline goals annually based upon each child’s spontaneous language level. We utilize the TASL (Teacher Assessment of Spoken Language) and CASLLS (Cottage Acquisition Scales for Listening Language & Speech) to establish and track language goals.



Articulation is addressed daily based upon a child’s needs. Tools and techniques include: traditional drills and strategies developed for the children with hearing loss.



Our Toddler, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classrooms are structured to implement objectives as delineated by the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and pre-kindergarten curriculum guidelines. We also use the CID Preschool Development Checklist as an assessment tool. Academic sessions utilize many strategies and tools to allow students to learn through auditory, visual and kinesthetic input. All classrooms are auditory and language intense settings.



Many families are in need of full-day care and the school offers before and/or after school care as an additional service. Please contact the Director of Daycare for eligibility requirements.


Literacy Program

Literacy is a large part of our school programming. Phonological awareness practices and Guided Reading are integral parts of each child's day. We partner with parents during a Literacy Night to promote reading at home.  Our kindergarten classroom uses a balanced literacy approach.


Journey Program

Our transitional program (Journey : A bridge between school environments) offers each student, their family and future school with the knowledge and support they need to provide the child the opportunity to succeed throughout their entire educational experience, beyond our walls. We have created a curriculum focused on advocacy skills, responsibilitiy for equipment, social and leadership skills. Our partnership with the parents and schools includes timeline meetings, collaborative school visits and inservices, and ARD meeting participation.