The Melinda Webb School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a group whose membership includes parents and teachers of children with hearing loss who attend the Melinda Webb School at The Center for Hearing and Speech. The PTO works to spread awareness about children with hearing loss and provides valuable experiences for the Melinda Webb School students.

The PTO organizes many fundraisers to raise money for field trip experiences, special events, and classroom supplies. Examples of previously funded projects include trips to the Houston Zoo and Museum of Natural Science, supplemental art and physical education classes, and graduation gifts for students. The Melinda Webb School PTO relies solely on donations from local organizations and individuals.

To learn more about the Melinda Webb School PTO, please contact Lindy Powell, Director of Education at The Center for Hearing and Speech at (713) 874-1173 or email

If you would like to become a part of the PTO, please fill out this form