Matthew May – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Matthew May(1979, London) started streetpainting professionally in 2001. Living in The Netherlands and loving Art since being a kid I looked for a creative way to make my money. What started as busking with a group of streetperformers soon became a strickly commissioned practice. Working closely with Planet Streetpainting from 2003 the work went more towards anamorphosis.

At this point I wanted to establish myself further and decided to go to the Royal Art Academy in Antwerp, Belgium. I studied painting with a rather classical approach, but also coming full circle to a comtemporary language.

Coming from this background I have had opportunities to work in several musea and art spaces. Next to this I have given several streetpainting workshops for companies, schools and social projects. A selection of promotional 3D streetpaintings for clients include Disney, Sony, Samsung, HP, Deloitte, Mexx, Zespri, Bayer. Other works for television and film.

Currently I proceed to find a way to integrate the anamorphic approach into my more conceptual art practice.


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