Margarita’s love for painting started when she was a young girl.  She graduated from the University of Design of Monterrey CEDIM.  For many years Margarita has practiced mural painting, which she has done in several educational centers for children and for sixteen years painted as a hobby. Additionally, she is a plastic artist.

In 2007, Margarita took interest in the world of street art and decided to step out of her comfort zone, by entering the Festival Bella Vía. Much to her surprise, she was named winner of the Public Choice Award. This victory convinced her to move forward in the world of art. The rapid trajectory of Margarita Botello in her discovery and exploration of urban art has transformed her.  She is accomplished in her unique work as an interpreter of the old masters of classical art, and holds the title of Maestra Madonara. Her evolution in the street painting or Madonnaro Art, finds her as a great exponent in an international context.