Mandy moved back to Houston recently after living in San Diego for 7 years. She has been doing art since she was a child and her experience in the working world has built her behind-the-scenes ability to organize. She also was a Team in Training participant in 2009 for the Lake Tahoe Century ride  which gave her fundraising experience that was very successful.

Since being back in Houston, Mandy has been playing softball at Memorial Park and noticed all of the dead trees piled behind the fields. She recalled several of her friends and family telling her about the drought last year and all of the trees that had died. After seeing several weather reports with ALERTS warning of poor air quality for breathing, it sparked her interest in helping her community to replant trees specifically at Memorial Park where she grew up exercising. She is organizing the Art Benefit - "Art For the Trees If You Please" in the effort to bring together and initiate community action so that together we can contribute funds to The Memorial Park Conservancy and they have the money to continue the reforestation project.