Used or unwanted hearing aids, cochlear implants and accessories in any condition are gratefully accepted as donations by The Center for Hearing and Speech. Some of our donated devices are often employed as teaching tools, either in demonstrations for parents and professionals, or are refurbished and used as backup or loaners for those children waiting on a repair.

Who are our hearing aid and cochlear implant donors?

  • The relatives of hearing aid or cochlear implant users who have passed away
  • People who have purchased new aids and do not feel the need to keep the old ones
  • People who have received a cochlear implant and therefore do not need their hearing aid(s) anymore
  • People who have upgraded their cochlear implant technology and no longer need their old speech processor and/or accessories

What are the tax benefits?

Your donation is valued at the fair market value at the time of the gift. In order to determine the value of your donation, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your hearing aid/ cochlear implant and/or consult your tax advisor. We will mail you a receipt confirming the number of hearing aids, choclhear implants and/or accessories donated.  The Center for Hearing and Speech makes no determination of the value of items donated.

Where to mail them or drop them off?

Please package and mail the items you wish to donate, along with this form, to:

Dr. Jennifer Wickesberg
The Center for Hearing and Speech
3636 West Dallas
Houston, TX 77019

Please feel free to stop by and drop them off in person as well.