Lisa Bernal Brethour is a 3rd generation Arizonan who lives with her family in Tempe, AZ. She has a BS degree from the University of Arizona and an AA degree in Fine Arts. Lisa began street painting in 2012. Since then she has been a Featured Artist, won Best in Show at the 2014 Gesso Italiano in San Diego, organizes public chalk murals and runs a Tempe chalk festival. Lisa’s work is influenced by her maternal grandmother’s collection of botanical prints, by the colors and culture of her paternal Mexican heritage and by being raised in the desert southwest. Her work focuses on personal relationships and the interdependency between nature and people, the belief that we are all connected. Often she seeks to elevate the smallest species, such as insects and microscopic organisms, to a more appreciated level with the understanding that we each have an important role to play in our world. When not chalking, she teaches ceramics and art classes to students of all ages.