Lilibeth_Andrepic.jpgLilibeth Andre is an artist, writer and she manages a research center at a premier university. She enjoys her work because it focuses on making the future a better place for more people. Her art allows her to express and share her creativity through the representation and impression of life and color. She is classically trained and represents diverse subjects which she shows with the Guiton St. Artists at their studios near The Galleria.

Lilibeth began her adventure with Via Colori in 2007. She has created seven street paintings for the festival and participated in the group mural of 2010 when eight artists collaborated to paint 1,800 square feet of temporary street art. She began her street painting experience with a 6 foot by 6 foot square and quickly moved on to 10’ and 13 ‘ squares. As a skilled portrait artist, she prefers to focus on the human form for her Via Colori subjects. Check out her website here!