leejones.JPG Lee is a professional street painter living in Orlando, Florida and has been street painting for 18 years. Her company CHALK IT UP provides professional street painting services, as well as street painting festival consulting services. Lee has traveled all over the United States, Curacao, and Italy to paint and helps organizations and non-profits hold street painting events as fund-raisers, or as an added aspect to an already established event.

Lee grew up in Madison, WI where she earned a degree in commercial art. After graduation, Lee worked in ad agencies, graphics studios, and printing companies before opening her own design studio, LJ Designs, in 1990. In 1994 Lee was introduced to street painting when she agreed to participate in the Rotary Orlando 1st Annual Street Painting Festival, although somewhat reluctant since she received a "D" in pastels in her college media class!

Lee's style is graphic realism and she loves to do portraits or reproductions of Masters works such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Bouguereau. Lee has produced over 200 street paintings and does street painting and pastel drawings for Orlando area attractions. Check out his website here!