Kenyatta Johnson strives to provide a DEFINED description visually in every art piece. She enjoys being able to design, create, and illustrate what she feels. She has practiced her technique, created her own style, and branded her work. Her creative expansion has allowed her to become a very versatile artist. She feels like any artist can take a photo and create a portrait to look like the individual or subject matter but there is only one way to be DEFINED.

Johnson's vision is to build a gallery to share with the world and create unforgettable custom projects. The creative style and technique of Defined Arts has been embraced by today's culture that makes a sustainable art impact in clothing stores, restaurants, homes, offices, media outlets, African people and scenery around Africa. Defined Arts values the everyday customer that appreciates custom creative artwork. She knows that her ability to create DEFINED art is a God given talent. She feels very, very blessed to have recognized her talent and wants to share with the world her editions of DEFINED arts.