For children with hearing loss, early identification and treatment is crucial for their success. At CHS we believe that every parent deserves to choose the best communication option for their child and family. 

Sadly, many parents do not know about the importance of early hearing tests or their options if their child is JumpStartLogo1.JPGdiagnosed with hearing impairment.

Jump Start to Listening! is a free counseling program created by The Center for Hearing and Speech to inform parents about what to do both if their infant does or does not pass the state-mandated newborn hearing screening at birth.

If a child is diagnosed with hearing impairment, it helps to have a general understanding of ALL available options before learning about a particular one in more depth.  The following attachment presents communication options to parents of children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in a brief and impartial manner.

Communication Options - in English
Communication Options - in Spanish

When parents have up-to-date, balanced information, they can make educated and confident decisions for their hearing-impaired infant and/or child.  With the latest technology and intensive education and therapy, we can give most children access to a hearing world.  Jump Start to Listening! can show you how.  Please call for your free consultation.

Jump Start to Listening! offers the following free services:

Free coordination of services - call and we can help you determine where to go for follow up testing.

Free materials and resources – call to make an appointment and a speech therapist will help you explore our library, copy information, materials and/or demonstrate ideas to help you and your child.

Free parent education - call and a speech therapist will educate you about your communication options in your community.

Free parent-to-parent support - please visit the events calendar to see our upcoming support groups.

Free consultation and training for professionals - please call to make an appointment.  We are available to provide staff and university student lectures, join a professional in their clinic, or make a home visit.

Jump Start to Listening! also offers the following items at low cost:
    •    Hearing aid troubleshooting kit for parents and professionals
    •    Communication Options Brochures for Professionals
    •    CEU training conferences hosted by The Gus McHam Learning Institute.