After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston in 2013, Hung Pham began interning for Jay Baker Architects. As an aspiring architect, he held, and still maintains, great respect for arts and innovation. Now, Pham’s philosophy is about uniting technological advancement with design and technique.

Pham’s passion for the arts first developed in high school when he stumbled upon a Digital Graphics class. This sparked his curiosity about a new medium and vector, leading him to advance from Graphics 1 to Graphics 3 by sophomore year. During his junior year, Pham challenged himself outside of class by seeking out online blogs and video podcasts to learn about creative tools and techniques. From his dedication to innovation and hard work, Pham was able to create the best piece of his high school career thus far, a graphic artwork, which earned him a gold seal at State VASE in 2007.

During this time, Pham also began to explore sculpture. He found value in 3-dimensional objects and thought of them to be difficult, yet intriguing. By his senior year, he wanted to step out of his comfort zone and put more personal emotions into his works. As a result, he entered two pieces at State VASE of 2008: first, a digital graphic artwork that represented letting his coming of age; second, a sculpture named “Verbal Struggle” that represented the hardships of an immigrant adapting to a new language and culture. Both pieces received gold seal at state that year.

Encouraged by Pham’s proven artistry, he started to branch out as a local artist in his community. At the referral of his art teacher, Rebekah Tee, he became involved with Via Colori, an annual street painting festival hosted every November in downtown Houston to raise money in support of children with speech and hearing impairments. Following his initial experience with Via Colori, he participated in I Madonnari, a street art competition hosted by the University of St. Thomas. Amazingly, Pham won first place I Madonnari with his amateur entry, and was offered a tuition scholarship at the school. Excited by street art, Pham has since continued to practice several years of street painting. Pham’s flourishing abilities in 3D street art led him to develop his own mastery of creating perspective trickery. As a result, Via Colori invited him to teach a preparatory workshop on how to create 3D street painting without the gridding system.

With his under developing iOS app, Pham gathered a team of family and friends to work on a 3D Rubber Duck as a feature art for Via Color 2015 10th Years Anniversary which received top 15 fan favorite.