Our H.O.P.E. program, which stands for “Helping Our Parents to Excel”, is a program that teaches the impact and dynamics of families dealing with hearing loss. The program, which is a support group for the parents of our current CHS students and clients creates an environment where parents and families of children with hearing loss can come together to learn and share their common experiences with each other.


Center for Hearing and Speech Hope Parents Breakfast

What to Expext

H.O.P.E. Classes take 14 sessions to complete and take place over the course of the MWS academic school year. During these sessions, parents will focus on both their child’s strengths and their own. With the support of the parenting group, parents will receive assistance from experts to help them learn to handle stress and begin to build lasting relationships with other parents in similar situations.


 How can H.O.P.E. Classes help the child and family?

  • Increase their knowledge about hearing impairment
  • Learn new skills to improve children’s behaviors
  • Enjoy playing with their children
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Enable parents to strengthen their child’s trust in them
  • Deal with frustrations in everyday family life
  • Create a support system of professionals and peers,  which can help parents deal with their emotional needs

Check the calendar for the next available H.O.P.E. class