How do I add or edit the Slider Images on Homepages?

For CHS, there are rotators on the homepage and also on the Via Colori Page.  We will separate these by assigning them to groups in the stories module.  Explained further below:



You can see all the "stories" in the site by going to the blue admin bar at the top of the web page (if you are logged in) and scrolling down to STORIES under CONTENT.  On the Center for Hearing and Speech Homepage, there is a large image that fades in and out to display different featured elements.  Each large image has the following fields associated with it:

Title: Title of Slide

Content: Blurb or Short sentence with the image under the title

Photo:  Large photo for rotator (High Res) 425px high by 990px wide

Full Story link:  Where you would like the viewer to be taken by clicking the story (use only relative url; meaning  /resources instead of "  

Link Title:  What the button to click on the rotator says:  Read More or Find out now - a call to action phrase

Tags: N/A for CHS

Start Date/Time:  If expires or is seasonal, type begin type here

End Date/Time:  Time and Date for Story to No longer Display if expiring.

Expires Check Box:  Always remember to uncheck this if you want the image/text story to remain on the homepage at all times.