How do I edit an existing page on the website?

There are many existing pages on the CHS website that have been manually migrated over.  To add to, delete or edit these pages see below:


1.  While logged into the website, Scroll over the CONTENT option and down to pages.

2.  You can add a page or search pages here.

3.  To search pages, select the magnifying glass icon and you may search through all pages.


Search View of pages:



4.  You can also just navigate your way to the page in question and select the edit button in the bottom right hand corner:


5.  Once you are in EDIT mode, you can add, edit, delete text, images and video as necessary thorugh the WYSIWYG text editor.


6.  AFter you have edited the page, scroll down and look at the Template drop down menu.  Since CHS has landing page, we will have to tell this page what skin or template to use.

Default = Center for Hearing and Speech Interior Page

Via Colori Homepage = Via Colori landing page template

Via Colori = Via Colori landing page interior template 




7.  You can Preview your changes or save the page right out.