How can I add another website Administrator?

The Center for Hearing an Speech can add users to the website to help create and edit content.

  • If you are currently a site administrator you can add another person as a super user.  Super Users have full site access.
  • In the blue admin bar, to the right of the word CONTENT is PEOPLE
  • Scroll down from PEOPLE and you will see USERS - click the green plus sign to create a new user.


  • When you click to add a user, a long form will appear with many fields for that persons company information.  Many people only fill in the required fields and a few others.  
  • Suggested Minimum fields to enter:

First Name

Last Name

Display Name


Username (case sensitive)

Password (case sensitive)

  • After all the basic information is added, scroll down the page to a box labeled ADMINISTRATOR INFORMATION.  Here you will find security Level.

User - has access to site, but not to edit pages, unless specified in permissions for that specific user

Staff - has edit permissions, but not access to full site info including admin backend

Superuser - Most common for site admins, can edit full site and make immediate updates.


  • Click Add User to save.
  • If you have put in a temporary password, the user can reset the password from the log in page to something that suits them.

Log in page: