Hearing Screening Program Houston CHS

The Center for Hearing and Speech offers free hearing screenings to schools and organizations working with children who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.


To check the availability of hearing screenings for your school, contact The Center for Hearing and Speech Hearing Screening Coordinator, Dr. Julie Cordell.  Screenings are typically scheduled over a month in advance to ensure our availability; many screenings are scheduled during the preceding semester.


Services Provided:

  • Hearing screenings in accordance with Texas Department of Health guidelines (screened at 25 dB HL at 1000, 2000, and 4000 Hz)
  • To help minimize the amount of time students spend out of the classroom, we bring a large team to screen so that classes can be screened in between ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Follow up testing on the same day for students who do not pass the screening to determine why they may not be passing the screening
  • Results are provided to school in English and Spanish on the same day, along with referral information for parents if their child does not pass the screening.


     It is our goal at The Center for Hearing and Speech that any treatable hearing problems receive medical intervention as quickly as possible and any hearing loss requiring hearing aids are identified as quickly as possible.  For more information about our program, please contact Dr. Julie Cordell.