Play it Safe with Sound Wheel Chart

Are the sounds you hear every day safe, unsafe or should you be cautious? 

Click here to download the wheel chart.

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Crossword Puzzle

Can you figure out the answers? Print out the crossword puzzle and see how much you know about protecting your hearing.

Click here to download the crossword.

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Word Search Puzzle

How many words can you find? Print out
the word search puzzle and find all of
the words about hearing loss.

Click here to download the word search.

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Coloring Sheet

Don't be afraid to color outside
the lines. Download and print these
coloring sheets and use your creativity
to turn these drawings into art.

Click here to download the Dangerous Decibels coloring sheets.

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Watch these videos and learn more
about hearing loss and how you can
protect your hearing.



Virtual Exhibit

Take the Dangerous Decibels' Virtual Exhibit. Learn about your ears, sound,
and cool ways to save your hearing. 

Click here to visit the Virtual Exhibit.

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