IMG_6276.JPGBecause we receive no government funding, we rely heavily on the support of our donors - foundations, corporations and individuals.

We couldn't do it without you and we created this short video to show you our thanks!


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2015 Hearing Aid Donors

A Friend of the Center

Fay Adams

Flora Adams

Anne Ahlbrand

Janet Alkire

Mary and David Allan

Joanna Amanti

Chris F. Araj, Au.D.

Christina N. Ayo

Pat Barber

Malcolm Barrett

Nancy Baxley

Kathleen Beavers

R.E. Berlitz

Vicki Bernstein

Bisel Hearing Aid Center

Ryan Bonacker

Alicia R. Booth

Betty L. Brabham

Loveta Bradley

Madge Bresford

Betsy Bullis

Marsha Campbell

Diane Cappello

Patricia Castellaw

Mary Ann Cooley

Billie Cotton

Personal Physician Group

Helen Domingo

Jane Doyle

William Dupree

John Eckart

Jean Edmundson

Mary Ann Eichenberger

Jeffrey Elkin

Mike Enlow

Deborah Erwin

Lee Esquibel

Veronica and Tim Filips

Kathy Franklin

Betty Freedman

Marjorie Ann Fruge

Susan M. Gallagher

Martha and SJ Gardner

Carol Goehrs

Barry Graham

Darlene Harder

Anthy Hellmers

Margaret Hrncir

Bob Huffer

Jo Beth and Arlen Isham

E. G. Johnson

George Johnson

Mary Jung

Cheryl Kerner

James Lemons

Lisa Lewis

Sally Logan

Miguel Lopez

Jodi and Daniel Lyons

Eleanor Magee

Pearl Mancil

Shella Massey

Andrea and David Matthiesen

Nichelle Mc Lemore

Angela Mckee

Nancy McManus

Jason Milner

Holly and Victor Narcisse III, M.D.

Northeast Houston Hearing

Susan Pfrehm

Madison Phillips

Gary Putman

Marilyn Rosenauer

Sebastian Sanchez

Janis and Micheal Schiro

Donald Schultz

Stephen Shaw

Doan Shockley

Katherine Shott

Thomas Smith

Peggy G. Sneed

Hortencia Sosa

Eleanor Speer

John Sylvester

Petra Tabor

Antonio Tansuche

Tomball VA Clinic

Nohelia Valerio

Margaret Warnke-Shields

Gloria Wilkins

Kathleen Williams

Mary Wolfram