IMG_7660.JPGBecause we receive no government funding, we rely heavily on the support of our donors - foundations, corporations and individuals.

We couldn't do it without you and we created this short video to show you our thanks!


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Hearing Aid Donors


2015 Gifts in Honor


In Honor of The Adams Family

Alys C. Cameron


In Honor of Dr. Bobby Alford

Regina Rogers


In Honor of Grace Baltazar

Barbara T. Baltazar


In Honor of Linda Bianchi

Alys C. Cameron


In Honor of James Carter

Winnie and Carleton Riser


In Honor of James Carter and Family

Cynthia P. Graham


In Honor of The Chamber Family

Alys C. Cameron


In Honor of The John Chambers Family

Alys C. Cameron


In Honor of The Marc Chambers Family

Alys C. Cameron


In Honor of Dr. Joseph Chang

Houston Endowment, Inc.


In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Brollier Coffey

Zillah T. Oden


In Honor of Donna Coffey

Linkwood Ladies Club


In Honor of Renée S. Davis

Tyrrell Flawn and John P. Howe III

Sarah Jane and Gordon J. Wise

Susan and Austin P. Young


In Honor of Micheal Douglas

Donna and Bill D. Jackson


In Honor of Kathy and Dave Dunlap

LINN Energy, LLC


In Honor of Roy H. Edmundson

Bisel Hearing Aid Center

Jean Edmundson

In Honor of Aiden Elizondo

Triple-S Steel Supply , LLC.

In Honor of Bailey Flowers

James M. Lemond


In Honor of Mr. Doug (Paw-Paw) Gandy

Diane and Donnie Tucker


In Honor of Ms. Sabra Henke

Alys C. Cameron


In Honor of John King

David Decker


In Honor of The Lowrie Family

Alys C. Cameron


In Honor of Grace and Wyatt Lyons

Matthew Cuocci


In Honor of Andrea Carolina Martinez

Elizabeth Vidales


In Honor of Alonso Martinez

Elizabeth Vidales


In Honor of Layne Mason

Nancy and Peter Thompson


In Honor of John McDonald

C. N. and Maria Papadopoulos Charitable Foundation


In Honor of Mary McManus

Nancy McManus


In Honor of Charlotte Merz

Martha L. Armstrong


In Honor of Alexander Narcisse

Holly and Victor Narcisse III, M.D.


In Honor of Zillah T. Oden

Lynne Campbell


In Honor of Jerin J. Pagan

Joan Pagan


In Honor of Emily Perry

Helen Perry Image Consultants


In Honor of Martian Simchowitz

Dr. and Mrs. David I. Simchowitz


In Honor of Tiffany Grace Smith

Laverne and James L. Boynton

National Cardiovascular Partners, L.P.

Charles E. Schroeder III

Judy and Chris Simon

Jill and Larry Sprengel

Kay and Steve Smith

Patricia and Thomas W. Smith

In Honor of Clare T. Spangler

Christina Ayo


In Honor of Hayden Summers

Gigi Bass

Michelle and Mike Buller

Catherine Dunn

Julie and Joshua Flowers

Nikki Garcia

Rachel Hayden

Elvira Hope

Domenica Sepe

Rufus Summers

Patricia and James Wickesberg


In Honor of Avari Soria-Zarala

Carlos Aluizo


In Honor of Kaylee Zurita

Maria C. Ramirez and Santiago Zurita