Geordanna Cordero-Fields – DallasTexas

Geordanna is a first-generation Costa Rican-American Artist, born in Houston, TX, living in Dallas, TX. She shares her weird and eccentric life with her husband, J, their fur-baby, a Lhasa-Poo named Remy. 

To fully grasp her as an artist you have to learn specific aspects of her life and personality that includes her obsessive love of color, her innatemy introverted personality, and being a child sexual abuse survivor . She is also presently fighting against Stage IV Endometriosis, Vaginismus, Lyme Disease, Hashimoto's and recurrent miscarriages. 

Through being vulnerable, raw and completely transparent, she hopes that her art is able to reach others struggling through the same issues or simply raise awareness. As much as her art is for others, it is possibly even more important for herself. Her art is a cathartic outlet that helps her release deep emotions. Her art is a way she exposes her soul to the world without caution or reservation; two things that she sometimes posseses too much of. 

Her work may appear random at first, but upon closer inspection there is a common thread of exemplifying the beautifully chaotic. All her work encompasses equal parts of planning and spontaneity; a mix of direct and indirect intention, chance and circumstances. She believes this allows her to constantly be exploring new and different avenues for her work. She believes an artist should not limit themselves by technique or medium. This allows the opportunity for her art, the basic essence of her art, to shine through rather than merely her own need to control. She attempts to manifest through conscious and subconscious color choice and stroke, that which is not seen with the naked eye: emotions, imaginations, faith, love, the soul. 

Her ultimate goal is to create an interesting work of art that engages people to debate their own interpretations through creating a meaningful dialogue, whether they become a fan or a critic.