Family Support From The Center for Hearing and Speech HoustonThe Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS) offers a variety of comprehensive Family Support services for our current clients and students and their families. In addition, our Family Services department hosts various programs each month to encourage and provide awareness, counseling and fellowship.

Family Support plays a crucial role in achieving successful outcomes, as the emotional strain of hearing loss on the entire family must be treated as aggressively the hearing loss itself.  Our bilingual, licensed Director of Family Services offers an array of mental health and emotional support services for hearing-impaired children and their families. Our Family Support services aim to empower parents to become advocates for their hearing-impaired child and provide information and tools to face and overcome challenges.   

Family Support services include play therapy, parent support groups, counseling, assessments, social groups, parenting classes, parents’ activities and more, including case management and coordination of services with the community. Through these services, families find emotional health, unconditional acceptance and support.

All Family Support services are confidential and offered in both English and Spanish.