Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Experience (LACE) Program

Students from the Baylor College of Medicine tour CHS once a week on a rotation as a part of Baylor’s LACE program. Through this collaboration with Baylor, students learn about the delivery of health care and education in the community and learn to interact with professionals committed to health care outside of the hospital. By touring CHS, medical students see first-hand the results and success of Oral Deaf Education.


Graduate Training

The Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS) serves as a rotation site for otorhinolaryngology residents from Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas Medical School, as well as for doctoral candidates in audiology from Baylor. In addition, interns from the Graduate School of Social Work and graduate students from the Communication Disorders Program at the University of Houston work in CHS's programs for credit toward their degrees. If you would like CHS to be a training site for your institution, please contact CHS at (713) 523-3633.


University Education

The Center for Hearing and Speech’s (CHS) university training program establishes and develops relationships with local universities in order to train future professionals who will work with children with hearing loss in the fields of speech-language pathology, audiology and oral deaf education.

We are currently working closely with University of Houston undergraduate and graduate students to provide training experiences and knowledge of auditory-verbal therapy techniques and practices.

By the end of a student’s experience at CHS, he/she will be able to:

have an understanding of normal speech/language development, hearing technology, and the development of a listening functionwrite lesson plans for hearing-impaired clientsconduct supervised therapy with clientsinclude parent(s) in the therapy processtake notes regarding the child’s progress during the therapy sessionsdiscuss future goals for clients

We also serve as an observation site for university undergraduate students. We provide one of the only opportunities for students in the Houston area to observe therapy and classes with hearing-impaired children.