My baby failed the newborn hearing screening.  Where do I begin?


Don’t delay – now is the time to act. 

If the hospital referred your baby for further testing, there may or may not be hearing loss. CHS can provide follow-up testing that determines if there is a hearing loss and the degree of hearing loss. If hearing loss is diagnosed, our supportive staff can give you information and support for you to determine your next steps.  

My baby/child was diagnosed with a hearing impairment.

At CHS, we understand the difficult questions you face after learning that your child has hearing loss. We also know early identification and intervention are crucial in giving your child the opportunity to listen and speak. Making choices about hearing aids, cochlear implants and education can be overwhelming. Our staff cares about you and your family and we are here to provide you with information and support throughout the entire process.

The vast majority of children with hearing loss can learn to listen and speak – enjoying the same opportunities as their hearing peers.  See some testimonials of CHS patients.

CHS for Hearing and Speech is the most comprehensive resource available in the region for children with hearing impairments. Here are some of the services CHS can offer your family:

The Importance of Early Intervention

Long before children learn to speak, babies learn language by hearing it. Studies have shown that the most important stage of language development occurs before age three, and early intervention results in significantly better language ability for deaf children than intervention later on[1].  Studies have established a direct link between hearing and the development of language and literacy, both crucial skills in becoming an independent and successful adult.  These results are most achievable in children who have early spoken language therapy and education, which is exactly what CHS offers.  

All of our services are provided on a sliding scale and we accept many insurance and Medicaid plans.

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