Diane Fifer – Friendswood, Texas

Professional Artist, Diane Fifer, has been producing and selling her art for several years now. Working mostly in black and white acrylics she creates large canvases of animals. She is a permanent vendor at First Monday's, Canton, Tx, a vendor for Vintage Market Days throughout the U.S., and also does local events such as First Saturday in the Heights, White Linen Nights in the Heights, and Ecclesia Arts Market, etc. Diane is an artist at Affaire d'Art Gallery in Galveston. She is a Committee Member for Art Friends of Downtown Friendswood. The Committee is responsible for putting on an Annual Chalk Walk in Friendswood consisting of over 100 participates. For 18 years now, Diane has been teaching many mediums of art to all ages during the year. Visit her website at www.artdwellers.com