Cynthia Kostylo is a Chicago native graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Art Education. She has been teaching art for over 30 years to children of all ages including her own 3 sons.

In 2007 Cynthia moved to Carlsbad, California and was introduced to the art of the Madonnari. Since then, Cyndi has traveled all over the world sharing her ""street art"". While at home in Carlsbad Cyndi enjoys painting indoor and outdoor murals, drawing pastel portraits, sculpting and illustrating books.

To change things up a bit, Cyndi travels the US painting for Johnny Rockets Restaurants using only ketchup!

Known for her immense use of color, Cyndi believes that discovering art in a variety of forms is endless.  “There is always something to learn and beautiful art to share.  I want to color the world!”


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