Cynthia Kostylo is a Chicago native who now resides in Carlsbad, Ca. She earned the Bachelor of Science degree in ArtCK_image_1.JPG Education from Southern Illinois University. A talented painter and sculptor as well as a gifted mentor in assisting children in developing their visual talents, Kostylo began her career teaching art at the high school level. Since that time she has ‘graduated’ to expressing her talent in the form of Street Painting.

Cyndi has a passion for portraits and for color. She enjoys replicating the super heroes painted by American artist, Alex Ross and most recently has embraced the world portraits of American artist, Stephen Bennett. Cyndi also finds captivating photos of people from around the world, painting them with bold colors and dynamic composition which translates perfectly to pavement.

"I like to use these portraits to preserve and celebrate diverse ethnic cultures."

Cyndi has been featured at festivals both nationally and internationally since 2007.

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