Woman Performing an Audiology Exam

The Audiology Clinic provides hearing and audiologic services for infants and children of all developmental levels. We are staffed by seven licensed and certified audiologists with extensive training and experience working with children from birth to 18 years of age. 

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Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention

This service is offered for infants. Screening has been mandated by the state of Texas since 1999 so that intervention may begin as early as possible. The Audiology Clinic provides diagnostic un-sedated auditory brainstem response (ABR), otoacoustics emissions (OAE), as well as fitting and dispensing of hearing aids to this specialized age group.

Sedated ABR Testing 

Sometimes other issues such as developmental delays influence the child and a standard hearing test cannot be performed. Sedated ABR testing will allow CHS audiologists to meet the needs of these patients in order to help them determine their hearing abilities.

Comprehensive Audiologic Evaluations

A comprehensive hearing evaluation includes a battery of testing to determine if a child has hearing loss or hearing related issues. A comprehensive hearing evaluation at CHS is completed by a highly trained pediatric audiologist to ensure reliable and efficient testing is obtained.

Cochlear Implant Program

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted hearing device for people who have significant hearing loss and lack benefit from traditional hearing aids. The cochlear implant program can help determine if the patient is a cochlear implant candidate, provide programming and mapping of all manufacturers, and provide a team-centered approach to ensure the child reaches their optimal potential with hearing and spoken communication. 

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing aids are devices that help people hear speech and environmental sounds more clearly when they are diagnosed with a hearing loss. The audiologists at CHS will work with the child and family to determine if and what kind of hearing aid is approporiate for the child's hearing loss. 

Additional Audiology Programs and Services

CHS Cares! Program

The CHS Cares! program provides financial assistance for hearing aids and hearing aid repairs to those families who qualify.

Community Hearing Screenings

Community hearing screenings are held throughout the year in order to screen for school-age children for childhood hearing loss and provide immediate access to intervention and follow-up services.

Hearing Loss Prevention Program

The Hearing Loss Prevention Program provides free prevention information and hearing testing to children throughout the Greater Houston community. Through this initiative, CHS aims to identify hearing loss and teach students how to protect one of their most valuable assets – their hearing.

Educational Support Program

At CHS we believe in the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, meaning that we want to work together with other professionals and people who support a child with hearing loss. SoundWaves is a program ran by our Educational Liasion who supports families in navigating the families' and children's rights in the school system ensuring the child's needs are being met in order to succeed in school."

Loaner Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Equipment

Loaner hearing aid and cochlear implant equipment may possibly be available based on individual circumstances. Please contact the audiology clinic for further information at 713-337-9076 or 713-337-907.

FM/DM Evaluation and Dispensing

A FM/DM personal listening system is a piece of equipment that is connected to the child's hearing aids, bone conduction device, and/or cochlear implant. The parents, teacher, or other talkers will wear a microphone which will directly send their voice to the child's hearing technology. A FM/DM helps children better hear when there is background noise and from a distance. It is important children hear a speaker's voice clearly for optimal research and language development, and the FM/Dm systems will help provide the child with a clearer signal in difficult listening environments.


JumpStart to Listening

Jump Start to Listening is a program at CHS to help provide families with the information that is needed to understand their child's diagnosis of hearing loss and to help guide the family through the hearing loss journey. The program will discuss all communication options available for a child with hearing loss in order for the family to determine the best approach for their child and family.