CHS Cares! Hearing Aid Program provides hearing aids and supplemental services to children whose families are unable to afford the costs and have no other sources of funding available to them.Somarriba-Solanyi-3-_0.jpg

Program Overview

CHS Cares! (Children’s Amplification Resource for Equitable Support) was conceived and developed by CHS' Audiology Clinic in May of 2003. The program was a response to funding cuts from the state of Texas for children’s hearing aids. Many children living in the greater Houston area do not have insurance nor do they qualify for any other assistance programs. Sadly, these children have been left behind and denied access to amplification. The Center for Hearing and Speech is committed to serving all children, regardless of their financial situation. The CHS Cares! program provides hearing aids free of charge, as well as audiological services including evaluations, fitting and maintenance instructions for hearing devices. Hearing aids are essential tools for a hearing-impaired child to access educational services and to achieve lifelong success.

Here is how CHS Cares! works:

  1. The child is referred to CHS. Anyone can refer a child!
  2. The family completes a financial intake to determine if the child meets the financial guidelines for CHS Cares! CHS’s audiologist works closely with the family and sometimes the child’s educational audiologist to recommend a specific type of hearing aid.
  3. CHS orders and dispenses the recommended hearing aid.
  4. CHS provides all follow-up services that they child might need as well.

If you have a child you would like to be considered for the CHS Cares! Hearing Aid Program, please contact the Audiology Clinic at (713) 523-3633, ext. 124 to find out how you can enroll a child into this program.

CHS relies on generous foundations and individuals for funding. If you are interested in giving children the gift of sound, please click here.