Cecelia Linayao – San Diego, California

Cecelia is a fine arts graduate of Cal State University, Long Beach. Chalk is the unique tool in her artist’s toolkit. Besides the traditional crafts of painting and graphic design, she has exploded out of the studio and into the street. Street Painting - using pastel chalk directly on asphalt or pavement – is a huge part of her public art repertoire.Some street painting highlights include traveling across the world from her home base in sunny southern California to China, Canada, Mexico and Italy. Travels also include the United States; she counts Texas as another state of mind. It has been her pleasure and privilege to paint in Houston, first at Via Colori, then at the Children’s Museum of Houston and most memorable of all, teaching at the Melinda Webb School. Hearing impaired or not, five-year-olds will run circles around an adult; especially one bearing art supplies.

She is a Muralist and Ambassador for the Art Miles Mural Project, a global initiative advocating Peace through Art. She finds deep satisfaction using art for communication, education and self-expression. Visit her website www.CeceliaLinayaoFineArt.com to see more of her work.


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