Torres Case Study

So many families have been blessed by generous hearing aid donations to CHS through our CHS Cares program. Used or unwanted hearing aids (or cochlear implants) in any condition are gratefully accepted as donations.

Some of the donated hearing aids can be refurbished and the Center earns credit towards purchasing new technology. Others are employed as teaching tools, either in demonstrations for parents and professionals, or in presentations to the public.

One of the most rewarding things about this program is how often we hear from our families about the impact this program has had on their family. Here's just one example of many from our client, Torres, whose life has been changted forever by receiving a hearing aid donation.


Dear CHS Staff,

We are truly grateful for the support we have received from you. Torres is, of course, our main priority and your impact has been immeasurable.

We also appreciate God for placing people like you in our path. You have made a lasting impression in our family's lives forever.

Thank you!