Chrisette Case Study

For most parents, preschool graduation marks the first key academic milestone. The parents of children with hearing loss are no exception. Alongside their families and CHS staff, each of these children has worked tirelessly to learn listening, speaking and literacy skills. With great joy, CHS honored 7 children last summer in a very special graduation ceremony. And with bittersweet pride, the CHS staff helped ensure these youthful warriors have transitioned successsfully as they joined their traditional kindergarten classrooms this fall.

Take a look at Chrissette (one of our recent graduates), who has moved onto her kindergarten classes at KIPP academy. She's also a part of the Journeys Program with The Melinda Webb School (MWS) which is curriculum designed to bridge the gap between school environments. Chrisette recently came back to talk to her school friends at MWS about her experiences in her new mainstream school. Not surprisingly, the questions they had for her were about making new friends. Chrisette very gladly counted and named her nine new friends. Congratulations to Chrisette and her family on a successful transition to KIPP.


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